Grammar Bytes 1

Book Descriptions

Grammar Bytes series is designed to enable the young learners to attain grammatical accuracy. To arouse student's interest and love for the language, activity based exercise and questions based on real life situations are given. Continuity of the concept teaching is taken care of. Creative Writing section is inducted to enable the students to express themselves effectively. To explore imagination and creativity in students poetry Writing is included as an activity from III std onwards. To record the progress being made by the learner EVALUATION CHART is incorporated. It gives the clear picture of the learner to the teacher/ observer / parent. Supplementary Work is given at the end of each book of the series . This book inspires students to target to score 100% marks in language. The incentive is a TREAT/BONUS MARKS.

Book Details

  • Book Name :Grammar Bytes 1
  • ISBN :978-81-89167-82-0
  • Price : 200.00
  • Author : Agnes Lal